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I offer classes for adults and kids, regularly or for special events with colleagues or friends.

I think that art can be a great way to explore your creativity and It will nurture your other daily activities.

Watercolor is renowned for its relaxing power and helps further a peaceful mind. While exploring the technique, the fusion between colors and water, you'll understand the power of "letting go" because water and colors will work for you. It's a kind of magic !

No skills are required  There are easy ways with watercolor to access an empowering moment with a quick satisfying satisfying result.

You'll be surprised!

All the details are below, let's schedule it !

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Take a moment to boost your creativity, relax and meditate while practicing the satisfying watercolor technique. No skills are required! 


In my studio in San Francisco or at your home

What you will learn: 

- Wet on wet and wet on dry techniques

- Granulation, halo, superposition, and fusion effects

- How to dose the water and play with the brush

- The power of the color chart and the color wheel

- How to bring light and contrast to your creation

Rates :

One session : $ 115/h, 10% discount for the trial session

Adult: Bundle of 6 hours: $ 90/h

Kid under 10: Bundle of 6 sessions of 45 min: $ 70/h

Family Adult & your kid creative session of 1,5 hours: $ 250 


10% off per friend enrolling!


- One-hour FREE CLASS when you renew your bundle

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This workshop is customized for each event to better answer your needs: Teambuilding, Fundraising Event, Birthdays, Ladies' night...

For any special event between friends

For team building between colleagues to enhance your creativity, relax, and better communicate with fun!

2h workshop

Beginner welcomed

All materials included, snacks included. 

At my studio in San Francisco (Noe Valley) or at your place


Gather and organize with 5 of your friends and you pay for FREE!

(<- photo 2022)

Everybody was comfortable with painting without a mask)

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I was lucky to meet Tiphaine at a fundraising. She was sharing her art and skills.
Her advises and  directions were clear and easy. She is non judgmental and encouraging. Her demeanor is calm and gentle.

The entire table of participants were all having a lovely time while learning a new skill.
All came out with a great piece of art work and a smile on our face.
I would do it again in an heart beat as it was, for me,  as beneficial as an hour of meditation...

Sophie B

Hosted a Peps Aquarel session with Tiphaine at my house and I could not be more thrilled about how it went and the outcome. The whole assembly of friends gathered that evening around our extended dinning table in our living-room had a blast learning how to design and create very nice aquarel (water-color) paintings under the super skilled and enthusiastic guidance of Tiphaine, who has such great talent. Many thanks Tiphaine for such a beautiful night. The outcome exceeded our wildest expectations.

Stephane B

More reviews

on YELP !

The workshop was really fun! Tiphaine is very talented and a great teacher, we were very proud and amazed by our paintings!

Lydie A

Thanks to her classes, I reconnected with my creative process and I enjoy painting and drawing again !

Delphine L

Every Tuesday, it's a pure excitement and pleasure to meet Tiphaine and learn watercolor. She' s a lovely, relaxed and flexible teacher who makes you feel comfortable and gives you confidence.

Stephanie R

I participated in one of Tiphaine's workshops and I loved it! I love creative outlets, but I had never tried watercolor. It was a very cozy setting with a small group that was mostly new to watercolor too. Thiphaine walked us step by step through the process, giving us ample time to discover and get creative. As a group, we then opted for her to guide us through a creative she had already done, it was great to work towards something you can look at. Tiphaine was a great teacher and I will definitely do this again!
I really enjoyed myself!

Laurane C.

I highly recommend to try Watercolor with Tiphaine!  I'm clearly not an artist but I wanted to try something new, so I registered for a workshop with her. We were 8 women, it was such a nice and relaxing moment. Tiphaine is talented, patient and a real good art teacher. She guided us step by step and thanks to all her tips we've all created a beautiful " Thank you card " with roses. What a great moment, thank you Tiphaine!

Karen T.

Last December, I decided to host a small fundraising event at my place to gather some parents of our school in Oakland. I contacted Tiphaine thinking that it could be nice to learn a new skill (watercolor) while socializing around a cocktail. Tiphaine was very easy to work with. She was eager to make this event (a two hours water color workshop) a fun and learning experience and actually she succeeded perfectly by sharing her knowledge and teaching practical tips ; everyone was able to customize his own holidays card ; as a host I was thrilled and we are already talking about the next water color session.

Sophie L

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Classes & workshops: Contact


Tiphaine Lamolinerie

San Francisco

+1 510 206 35 42

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