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Let's spread colors and joy together!

I'm Tiphaine, a French watercolor artist and teacher based in San Francisco.


Watercolor has been my passion since childhood, and I've been fully immersed in this magical medium for years. I find inspiration in everything around me - from the beauty of nature and wildlife to the charming cityscapes. Speaking of which, have you seen the rooftops of Paris? They're simply breathtaking!

When I paint, I love the playful dance between water and colors. It's a meditative and spontaneous process that allows me to express my creativity in a unique way. My paintings are all about capturing the essence of light and using the contrast between white paper and colors to create a sense of movement and vibrancy. My signature palette is bold, bright, and full of energy - an invitation to joy!


I give classes & workshops in San Francisco. I love the joy, the relaxation and the satisfaction people feel during my classes and creative workshops. I'm passionate about this medium and I enjoy transmitting my watercolor enthusiasm during learning classes.

I also offer my artwork for sale, custom commissions are welcome.


Join me for a class and let's explore this magical medium together !

Watercolor teacher for art class
Logo of watercolor classes and workshops

'Peps' you said ?

Peps is French and means enthusiastic, with energy. The colors come alive on the paper, bringing a bright vitality to my art. It's like a burst of joy that I can share with others. So, for me, Peps isn't just a word, it's a feeling that I bring to my artwork.

And Aquarel?

It means watercolor in French! I needed to enhance my French inspiration: Paris, Provence, the Alps, etc. But of course, you'll notice it when you'll hear my typical accent! :)

Surprising joyful parrot and botanical art for watercolor class

« I like the surprise of a black parrot or a pink mountain »

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