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I'm Tiphaine and I'm a French watercolor artist and teacher based in California.

I discovered watercolor during my childhood, and after exploring other techniques, I've been fully focused on watercolor for 4 years. I'm inspired by nature, wildlife and cityscapes. How inspiring are the rooftops of Paris! Before arriving in Berkeley, I used to live on the last floor near Montmartre, it was dreamlike.

I love the blend playing between water and colors, embracing this meditative and spontaneous process of creation. My paintings experiment the vibration of the light thanks to the contrast between white paper and colors. My signature palette is colorful, bright and contrasted as an invitation for joy and energy. I offer my artwork for sale, custom commissions are welcome.

I also give classes & workshops in Berkeley and San Francisco. I love the joy, the relaxation and the satisfaction people feel during my creative workshops. I'm passionate about this medium and I enjoy transmitting my watercolor enthusiasm during learning classes.

You may follow my work on instagram. I'll show you my paintings, classes testimonials, watercolor tips and explain my creative process, welcome !

About: Parcours

'Peps' you said ?

Peps is French means enthousiastic, with energy and bright vitality.

We could use the expression : It gives some peps. 

I'm usually told that I have some peps and I can also say that watercolor brings to me a lot of vitality and joy. That's why 'Peps' is a short word that well defines my creative path throz watercolor. 

And Aquarel ?

It means watercolor in French ! It was important to me to enhance my french inspiration : Paris, Provence, Alps etc. But of course you'll notice it when you'll hear my typical accent ! :)

About: À propos

« I like the surprise of a black parrot or a pink mountain »

About: Citation
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